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LotDescriptionPhotoEstd. Price
2671922-1990's. Collection: Schaubek album with sparse until SE definitives. Thereafter, virtually complete with unmounted mint from the '50's and with extra booklet and coil stamps. Includes early SE coils and postage dues + mini-sheets and some BOB items. Pages and a few stamps to 2000. A fine collection and worthy of continuation. Retail value of the basic stamps is ~€2000 440.00
2681922-1989. DAVO/An Post Luxe Album 1: Pages only from 1922-1966, then complete commems, defins, mini-sheets, sheetlets and postage dues, fine unmounted mint. Ideal for someone who wants the challenge of filling this collection! Album alone retails at €150 and the stamps at €850+, a total of €1000. A great offer! 340.00
269Collection: 1922-1971. Minkus album leaves. Good array of low val. o/prints and virtually complete commemoratives mint with much u/mint later. Includes defins and even some 1980's sets and P. Dues. About 220 stamps and massive catalogue value. 150.00
270Collection: 1929-1990. Apparently complete commemorative & m/sheet collection virtually all u/mint in red LH stockbook. Includes extras, like 1976 Stampa m/sheet, Xmas and Europa sheetlets, Prestige Golden Age booklets (2), booklet panes etc. Massive cat. Value. (~580 stamps, 36 m/sheets & sheetlets, 2 booklets. BOB is a part sheet of deep blue Aer Phost/ Par Avion labels (Ref. M. P. 25) 275.00
2711922-1997. Collection: An Post Junior pre-printed album. Sparse early and mint/used until the 1960's with unmounted mint thereafter and fairly complete. In addition, at the back of the album there are some blocks of 4 u/mint from the 1970's. A nice collection. Was estimated (& good value) ... €250! 160.00
2721929-89. Used Collection. DAVO Standard binder 1922-1989. Album contains a fine used collection, virtually complete 1929-77, then a sprinkling of mint stamps & sheetlets to 1989. Luxe pages only for overprints, so a bit of a hybrid album! ~330u., 37m.+3 sheetlets 145.00
2731929-1982. Mint Collection: Lighthouse spring-back pre-printed album, with pages from 1922, but stamps begin with 1st SE definitives and continue, apparently complete (missing SE St. Patrick set) mint (un/mint after ~1958) to 1982. Includes commems., defins., postage dues, coils etc. A comprehensive collection and worthy of continuation/ upgrading. Many 100's with very high Cat. value. 225.00
274Collection Remainders: 1922-1990's. A vast array of overprints to modern in singles, sets, FDC's, mini-sheets, sheetlets etc. Mint & used and with massive catalogue value. This selection will merit careful examination! (Many 100's) 125.00
2751922-1979. Used Collection: Collecta loose-leaf, pre-printed album, stamps begin with 1st SE definitives and Commems, with a fair degree of completeness. Includes commems., defins., postage dues, etc., mostly fine used. A nice collection and worthy of completion. 100's with good Cat. value. 85.00
2761990-1999. Luxe Album+. DAVO/An Post Luxe album 2, with a complete set of 1990-92 Heritage defins, 3 sheetlets ' 1990 World Cup, Xmas 1993+'94 and a sprinkling of other commems, all u/mint. Some of the mounts were replaced or added and are black, but the pages are mainly hingeless. 95 stamps + 3 sheetlets. Retail €130 for the album. 95.00
277Small Accumulation. 2 A4 stockpages, one with decent selection of used commems and 2 modern m/sh. 2nd s/page has duplicated used defins & a few modern h/vals. 100's. 14.00
2781929-39, O'Connell to US Constitution. Unmounted mint, complete (16) Cat.Mi. €150+ 60.00
2791929-49, O'Connell to Mangan. Hinged mint, complete (38 stamps) Cat.Mi. €235 as u/m 26.00
2801937. Constitution FDC: Nice cacheted (de Valera) cover with Cork slogan cancel, hand addressed to Scotland. 30.00
2811938. Fr. Matthew FDC: Nice Alf McGann cacheted cover with nice Limerick cds cancel, hand addressed to Scotland. Photo 70.00
2821939. US Constitution FDC: Alf McGann illustrated cover with Limerick cds to New South Wales. Some toning, but an attractive cover. 30.00
2831939. US Constitution FDC: Registered envelope with Upper Rathmines cds cancels and Londonderry Reg receiver on the back. Cat Hib €40. 13.00
2841941/48/58. ENV with 2d 1941 o/print with crisp Carrickmacross cds. 1948 Wolfe Tone 21/2d on FDC & 1958 Aikenhead 3d, also on FDC 8.00
2851941-49, Easter Rising to Mangan un/mint, complete (20 stamps) Cat. Mi. €110 60.00
2861943/44. Rowan Hamilton & Rice in blocks of 4 un/mint. Retail as singles €20 10.00
2871946. Parnell & Davitt FDC's: Pair of illustrated covers with neat typed addresses and Dublin cds. Clean covers & unusual. 30.00
2881948. Wolfe Tone FDC. Plain addressed cover with Dublin cds 20.00
2891948. Wolfe Tone FDC. 2 plain addressed covers with Dublin slogan cancels 12.00
2901949. Declaration of Republic FDC. 2 matching plain covers with a pair of stamps on each & nice Dublin cds 13.00
2911950-1959 Commemoratives complete unmounted mint (31 stamps). Cat. Mi. €352 175.00
2921950's. Ministerial Presentation Folder in fine condition, with small mint selection of Airmails, definitives and commemoratives (16 stamps). 12.00
2931950. Holy Year. Reg. Env with marg. pair of 9d brown tied by Duke St., Dublin cds 15.00
2941950. Holy Year FDC. ENV with cachet and hand addressed with Dublin cds. 45.00
2951950. Holy Year. 2 u/mint sets in marginal pairs. Retail €50 20.00
2961952: Ministerial Pack hand-dated 3rd April & including m/mint definitives to 10sh, 1929- 50 Holy Year Commems. complete (no 3d Rising 1941). Retail as u/mint is ~€450 95.00
2971952-60. Plate Blocks: 1952 Tom Moore 21/2d (1B), 1954 Marian Year 5d (1A ' Cat. €120), 1956 Barry 3d (1A), 1957 Redmond 3d (1B) & O'Crohan 2d (1B), 1959 Guinness 3d (1A), 1960 Refugee Year 3d x 2 (1A & 1B). (8 blocks) 45.00
2981952. Tom Moore FDC: Unaddressed env. with cachet. Tone spot on 21/2d. 15.00
2991953. An Tostal FDC's: Staehle, one with a pair of 21/2d, the other with a single 1sh4d. Typed addresses to the USA. Ideally on one cover, this is a rare lot! 30.00
3001953. Robert Emmet FDC. 2 matching plain covers with nice Dublin cds 15.00
3011957. William Brown FDC: Staehle, cachet & unaddressed env. with Dublin cds. 30.00
3021957-62. Staehle/St. Patrick's Day. Clarecastle, Co. Donegal, Clara Co. Kilkenny and Dunsoghley, Co. Dublin all illustrated and unaddressed. 12.00
3031958. Sean T. O'Kelly: A slightly bizarre item! Block of UN 1958 stamps, signed on the selvedge by the 2nd President of Ireland and 'authenticated' by Charles R. Searle of NC, USA 10.00
3041960. Europa CEPT FDC: Illustrated and registered to Italy with neat address label. Stamps tied by clean Wexford cds 20.00
3051959. Arthur Guinness FDC: Illustrated and unaddressed envelope with crisp Dublin cds 15.00
3061959. Guinness Shareholder Pack. Includes u/mint set of stamps. A popular item. 20.00
3071960-1966. Commemoratives complete unmounted mint (49 stamps). Cat. Mi. €160+ 85.00
308Lindner 32pp s/book with 1960's u/mint commems in quantities, with some plate blocks & gutters. Quality is reasonable throughout and mainly complete sets. Also, used defins and modern Postage Due sel'n. A fine lot and huge cat. value. Many 100's 95.00
3091960's-1990's. Collection: A5 stockcards (5) with a good selection of Commems, defins and 1988 Postage Dues to £1. Good pickings noted ' 1983 & '84 Europa and mainly complete sets. ~150 stamps. Was estimated ... €40! 26.00
3101960's to 1990's. Collection: Stanley Gibbons blue spring-back album with used duplicate definitives and commemoratives from the period. Many 100's. Was €40! 26.00
3111960. Refugee Year FDC: Staehle illustrated and unaddressed envelope with Dublin cds. 10.00
3121961. St. Patrick on illustrated & unaddressed FDC with nice Dublin cds. 10.00
3131961. Aer Lingus FDC: Fine illustrated and unaddressed cover with Dublin cds. 30.00
3141962-65. Small group of 8 FDC's: Europa '63, '64, & '65. O'Donavan & O'Curry, Red Cross, Wolfe Tone, 1sh5d Airmail, In'tn'l Co-op Year. All addressed. Retail €62 25.00
3151963. Europa CEPT Gutter FDC's: Pair of illustrated & registered covers to Italy with matching Dublin cds. 30.00
3161964. Wolfe Tone FDC: Plain addressed envelope with Dublin cds 5.00
3171964. Europa CEPT FDC. Illustrated and typed address cover with nice Dublin cds. 6.00
3181964. Europa CEPT Gutter FDC's: Pair of illustrated & registered covers to Italy with matching Dublin cds. 30.00
3191965. International Telecom Year. 30 sets in one block of each value. All fine u/mint. Cat. Hib. €135 as sets 30.00
3201965. International Co-operation Year. 3d Complete sheet of 120 in 2 pieces. 10d in complete sheet +30 in 2nd block. All fine u/mint. Cat. Hib. €870 as sets/singles. 170.00
3211965. Yeats. 90 of the 5d in 3 large blocks. 30 +6 of the 1sh5d value in 2 blocks. All fine u/mint. Cat. Hib. €304 as sets/singles. 60.00
3221966: Easter Rising P. Pack: folder with 8 single mint stamps and a signature of Eamon de Valera. Not authenticated but looks genuine. Also cds of Ballycastle(?), Co. Wexford 12/IV/66. Some foxing but an interesting item! 20.00
3231966. Easter Rising Set. 2 sets of 4 pairs + extra 5 pairs of the 1sh5d, all fine u/mint. Cat. Mi. €100 thus. 30.00
3241966: Easter Rising P. Pack: folder with 8 single mint stamps in fine condition 8.00
3251966: Easter Rising: 3 mint folded cards with Garden of Remembrance, the Proclamation and flags over the GPO. Pretty. 10.00
3261966. Easter Rising+. Makings of 8 sets + loose 1960's mint Ireland in small quantities/ blocks in an envelope. Not top quality, but a nice haul & good Cat. value 30.00
3271966. Easter Rising set on FDC. Plain A5 cover with se-tenant pairs tied by Dublin cds. Hand addressed and not pristine, but rare thus. 15.00
3281966. Easter Rising set in Presentation Pack (PP3). 8 single stamps in a folder. 10.00
3291966. Europa CEPT FDC. Illustrated and typed address cover with nice Dublin cds. 5.00
3301967. Centenary of Fenian Rising. Special gummed mini-sheet produced privately with repro's of the 4 labels in colour. 11.00
3311967. Dean Swift FDC. Signed by the designer Michael Byrne with nice Dublin cds. 6.00
3321970's & '80's. First Day Covers. Many with special cancels and some home-made illustrations, mainly with Sligo cancels. Some toning on some of the covers, but nonetheless an interesting lot! (58 covers) (PM) 30.00
3331971-73. Commemoratives. Complete to Europa '73, all u/m. (26, Retail €36) 15.00
3341970/71. Enniscorthy/Sth. East Philatelic Society. 2 covers, the 1970 one a FDC of the Cork Yacht stamp and the 1971 one with a coil strip of 6 stamps. Both are tied by special cancel for the show, which co-incided with the Strawberry Fair 10.00
3351972. Stamp Anniversary m/sheet on An Post FDC with STAMPA canc.. 8.00
3361976. US Bicentenary P.Pack (CP8). GCopy of the mini-sheet in a special folder 8.00
3371976 to 1982. Part Sheets: Folder with part sheets of u/mint Commems. Up to 50 of each set and looks comprehensive, incl. Europa 1976, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81. Also a few FDC's & sheetlets. Around 100 different stamps with a guesstimate of ~4000 stamps. Some flaws but generally good condition. 250.00
3381977. St. Patrick's Day Cover: An illustrated & unaddressed cover, with cachet and 9d dog stamp tied by a clear large single ring Monahan cds 6.00
3391977. Definitive P.Pack (PP9). Gerl definitives to 12p with green card (13 stamps) 10.00
3401977 Golden Jubilee signed FDC: An illustrated cover, with the signature of Patrick Hickey, who designed the 12p stamp 6.00
3411978. Wildflowers of Ireland. 4 illustrated FDC's in a special pack with details of Wendy Walsh, the designer. A pretty item. 9.00
3421978. Year Set Pres. Pack: An Post commemorative stamps complete (19) 15.00
3431979. Year Set Pres. Pack: An Post commemorative stamps complete (20) 13.00
3441980's & '90's: 4 stock pages with mixed mint & used commems. + defins. Also 1930's to 1970's commemes. Used. 100's. 30.00
3451980. Shaw & Wilde. 2 x Colorano 'silk' FDC's 6.00
3461980 Wildlife M/sheet: 4 copies on paper with crisp Dublin cds. Ideal for fine used? 8.00
3471980. Year Set Pres. Pack: An Post commemorative stamps complete (15) 12.00
3481981. Ministerial Presentation Pack: A5 padded dark green binder, given to delegates at International conferences, with: 'E' watermark set to 1sh (only 11 vals, but incl. 1sh); 1968 Gerl set to 10sh (15 vals.); Commems from 1974 -1981. All un/mint and a rare item. Retail value of the stamps is ~€250. This item was estimated at €115. (108 stamps) 76.00
3491981. Year Set Pres. Pack: An Post commemorative stamps complete (23 stamps) 15.00
3501982. An Post Year Pack, complete. Hib CP 15, Cat. €30 18.00
3511982. Presentation Pack. MW. PP17. Gerl definitives 'High Values' -17p to £1. 4 stamps. 15.00
3521983. An Post Year Pack, complete. Hib CP 16, Cat. €35 25.00
3531983. Pres. Pack. MW. PP19. Architectural defins. 'Low Values' -1p to 30p. 16 stamps. 15.00
3541983. Pres. Pack. MW. PP20. Architectural defins. 'High Values' -44p, 50p, £1(rare version), £5. 4 stamps. A pack not often seen!. 25.00
3551983-94. Accumulation. Blocks of 4 - comprehensive (though not complete) collection from 1983 to 1994. About 100 blocks with Europa CEPT '86, '87 & '88. Sheetlets: Xmas '88 & '89; Europa CEPT (pairs) '89 & '90; Football '90 & '94. Small lot of Heritage defins to £1 in blocks. Some FDC's (about 12) from the same period. Greetings 1990 booklet. Condition of the mint stamps is good throughout. Huge Catalogue value. 175.00
3561984. An Post Year Pack, complete. Hib CP 17, Cat. €30 20.00
3571985. An Post Year Pack, complete. Hib CP 18, Cat. €30 20.00
3581988. Flora & Fauna Set (3) on Maxi Cards. Serviced First Day of Issue in Birr 7.00
3591988. Football/Hurling Cards: An Post issued 4 cards for supporters of the Meath/Cork (football) and Galway/Tipperary (hurling) fans for the respective finals. Mint cards 8.00
3601988. An Post Year Pack, complete. Hib CP 21, Cat. €30 20.00
3611988-1989. The first An Post Year Book with stamps. Hib. CP 22, Cat. €60 28.00
3621988-1998. Booklet Panes: Dublin Mill. (3), Apostles (1), Motoring Classics (3), Stamp Anniversary (4), Garden Flowers (2), City of Culture (2), Fishing Fleet (1), Buses (2) Military Uniforms (2), Aviation Pioneers (3). 23 panes 32.00
3631989. Motoring Classics Panes FDC: 4 booklet panes, all cancelled f.d.i. Unusual! 6.00
3641990. Stamp World Expo: Postage P.Bklt. overprinted for the show. Hib FX 22 €28 14.00
3651990: An Post green Pack with Europa CEPT + 150th Anniversary of Stamps FDC & mint issues (2 x FDC, 4 x stamps). 8.00
3661990/91 Year Book: Complete hardback book from An Post, with stamps.Cat.€50 16.00
367Small bundle of stock cards with Ireland mint (incl. 3 1990 FRAMA labels) & used, GB ditto. and some Commonwealth. Includes some blocks & sets. 107 stamps. 10.00
3681991, 1992, 1993 Year Packs: An Post packs. Fine condition. Cat. Hib. €60 36.00
3691991. Exhibition Cards: Four different An Post cards with the theme of Dublin, the European City of Culture, with Music, Writers, Architecture & Art as themes using Irish stamps as illustrations. All fine mint 8.00
3701991. Collectorex: Cycles mini-sheet overprinted for the show x 2 copies. Cat. Hib €20 10.00
3711991. Philanippon: Pane ex Fishing Fleet Booklet overprinted for the show. Cat. Hib €40 20.00
3721991. Golf Set on Maxi-Cards: Serviced set of 2 cards, a popular set 8.00
3731991. Walker Cup. An Post pack, given at the launch of an issue, with u/mint stamps, a FDC & a pair of serviced maxi-cards. Even includes the info brochure for the issue! 11.00
3741992. Columbian Stamp Expo: Olympic Games mini-sheet o/printed. Cat Hib €50 25.00
3751992/93. Booklet panes. European Community booklet exploded and the 2 panes of the 1993 buses booklet. All very fine mint 8.00
3761993-99. Mini-sheets (3): Flora & Fauna '93 with Bankok logo, '95 Trains & '99 Polly Woodside in fine u/mint. Retail is €14.50 7.00
3771993. Europa CEPT Sheetlets: Fine used copies with nice cds. Rare thus! (2) 10.00
3781994. Europa CEPT Sheetlets: Fine used copies with nice cds. Rare thus! (2) 10.00
3791994 Football World Cup. P. Pack with mint sheetlet, se-tenant pair on FDC + wall chart 8.00
3801994. Christmas Sheetlet: Fine used copy - some separation, but complete with cds. 8.00
3811994. Golf- Irish Open: ENV with fine cachet for the Murphys Irish Open with Thomastown (Baile Mhic Andáin 30.VI.94) cancel for Mount Juliet course 7.00
3821994. Travelling Post Office: EAn Post issued these covers to mark the end of the TPO. Here, 10 covers have all different cancels and destinations, using stamps & PD labels 18.00
3831994. World Cup Collection. Issued by An Post, contains an FDC of the stamps, a mint sheetlet and a wall chart to follow Ireland's glorious progress. Remember Saipan! 7.00
3841995. Fontenoy. Special card cancelled in Belgium & Limerick + Limerick FDC + mint Belgian & Irish stamps. 7.00
3851995. Nobel Prizewinners. An Post pack, given at the launch of an issue, with u/mint stamps + FDC and a copy of the Prestige booklet. Retail value of individual bits €25.50 14.00
3861994-96. Chinese New Year M/S: Year of the Dog, Rat & Pig m/sheets u/mint. Cat. Hib. €22. 10.00
3871995. Year of the Pig. An Post pack, given at the launch of an issue, with u/mint Greetings stamp & mini-sheet + FDC's of both. Retail value of individual bits €14.50 8.00
3881996 Horse Racing: Panes (4) from the prestige booklet mint. Cat. Hib. €20 6.00
3891997. 75th Anniversary of the State: An Post special pack with a FDC of the sheetlet in a Presentation Pack 10.00
3901997: 75th Anniversary of the State Sheetlet, fine u/mint. Retail €13. 6.50
3911998. Thurles Railway Covers. 4 copies of special cover for 150th anniversary, with different 1984 railway stamps and special cancel. 10.00
3921999. Celebrating the Millennium: Famous People: 1st Sheetlet, fine unmounted mint 10.00
3931999 Birds Sheetlet fine u/mint. Retail €15 7.50
3941999. Titanic Collection A small roup with: mini-sheet mint & FDC, complete sheetlet of 16 £1 stamps, Pres. Pack with the m/sheet & the set of 4 Maritime Heritage stamps. Also the Collector's News of the issue. A popular theme 30.00
395Mini-sheets+: '99 Titanic, Polly Woodside, '08 Fungi + Nobel booklet pane overprinted for the Kilkenny Collectors Fair 1995 with cancel (4 items) 8.00
3961999. Football Team of the Millennium: An Post special pack with a FDC of the sheetlet in a Presentation Pack 10.00
3971999 Millennium Football Sheetlet fine unmounted mint 5.00
3982000. Team of the Millennium (Hurling): An Post special pack with a FDC of the sheetlet in a Presentation Pack 10.00
3992000 Millennium Hurling Sheetlet fine unmounted mint. 5.00
4002000. Celebrating the Millennium: Historic Events: 2nd Sheetlet, fine unmounted mint 10.00
4012000. Celebrating the Millennium: Discoveries: 3rd Sheetlet, fine unmounted mint 10.00
4022000. Celebrating the Millennium: The Arts: 4th Sheetlet, fine unmounted mint 10.00
4032000 Millennium Sheetlet ' World Events. Fine u/mint. Retail €15.00 7.50
4042000 An Post Year Pack. Retail €30. 15.00
4052001. Celebrating the Millennium: Epic Journeys: 6th Sheetlet, fine unmounted mint 10.00
4062001 Rebel Spirit P.Pack with mini-sheet. Retail €10 5.00
4072001 An Post Year Pack. Retail €45. 23.00
4082006. Ryder Cup Prestige Booklet. Contains €11.68 face value stamps and a wonderful keepsake of this great event. Retail €25 12.00
4092008. Stampania souvenir sheetlet (16 stamps), with Celtic Cats 55c. Numbered 013 10.00
4102010. Mother Teresa/ Henry Dunant. Sheetlet cancelled FD of issue. Rare thus. (PG) 8.00
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